I Care/I Pad Program- Please contact Kate Dougherty 217-617-3568 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions!  To see the list of current registrants, schools and plan implantation, as well as, past recipients, please scroll to the bottom of the page!!!

Since the introduction of Down Country’s I Care/ I Pad program March 21, 2012, Down Country has supplied over 200 I Pads to Tri State Area Teachers and Therapists. 

Down Country fundraises for the I Care/ I Pad program from March 21 through August 21 of each calendar year.  Funds are raised through private donations & grants, events and Down Country’s I Care/ I Pad fundraising campaign which offers chances to get your name in a drawing for a side of beef for every $10 donation to the program.  Chances for the side of beef are drawn at Down Country’s golf tournament in June and the conclusion of the fundraising campaign August 21.  2013 beef winners were:  Ed & Betty Scott & David Wisdom.

Program Goal:  To put I Pad/Tablet, and other technology or experimental technology in the hands of Tri-State Area educator/therapists.  To work with and encourage district technology plan development and aid districts in the acquisition of technology. Additionally, furthering communication between community, school, and therapeutic technology needs.

2014 I Care/ IPad Program Requirements (Registration does not guarantee product)

1)      DISTRICT REGISTRATION:  Contact Kate Dougherty at 217-617-3568 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Technology requests are NOT limited to Apple products but are based on each districts unique need.

2)      INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION: ***MUST BE DONE IN PERSON AT A DOWN COUNTRY EVENT, MEETING OR WORKSHOP***(See Schedule Page for Listing of Down Country events or visit Facebook/UpatDownCountry.com)

***SPECIAL NOTE:  if your district is registered for the program, you may NOT register for the program as an individual-Down Country works with district’s to develop, supply and implement technology specific to each district’s need and requests.  If you district registers, following your registration, your registration is grandfathered in.

---As an individual registrant technology is owned by the individual, NOT the district, unless recipient signs a waver granting ownership to district-Waver is available at pick-up of technology.

---If you change districts and do NOT notify Down Country –registration becomes invalid (This will be checked)

---if you leave the education/therapy profession and are no longer working with or for EVERY CHILD, it is asked that you “Pay Forward” the technology to the district that you have been utilizing the technology in-

---MANDATORY PARTICIPATION in survey designed by the University of Kansas to aid in the implementation of technology in rural areas.

---RECOMMENDED PARTICIPATION APPRECIATED in fundraising for the I Care/ I Pad either through Donation or Sales or event attendance.  Down Country offers chances at 2 sides of beef based on $10 donations March 21 through August 21…


2014 I Care I Pad Registrant List                          
Independent Registrants    Independent Registrants   
Lisa Wright Dewey   10/23/2012   2/19/2013 Katie Dames  
Judy Myers Dewey   10/23/2012   2/19/2013 Jenna Harsell  
Catelyn Genebacher Baldwin   10/24/2012   2/19/2013 Kylee Myers  
Cindy Rhea Dewey   10/30/2012   2/19/2013 Taylor Williams  
Renee Henning Dewey   11/7/2012   3/21/2013 Lisa Buck  Adiar R-1  
Jessica Bunch Griggsville/Perry 11/2/2012  
Laura Stutzman Dewey   11/9/2012   10/3/2012 BowlingGreen Schools Plan  
Lori Orr   Qcy ECHC   11/14/2012   Stephanie Ostmann  
Tracy Tucker Qcy ECHC   11/16/2012   Phase 1 BGE-7 I Pads      
Denise Booth Pikeland  Comm School 11/22/2012   Phase 2 BGHS/BGMS-9 I Pads  
Rosemary Hatfield QJHS   11/26/2012   Phase 3 BGMS - 3 SPED Teachers  
Bev Bockhold QJHS   11/26/2012   Phase 4 BGE - 2 SPED Teachers  
Kathy Humphrey Dewey   11/26/2012   Phase 5 BGE - 3 Title Teachers  
Lori Genebacher   11/26/2012   Phase 6 BGE - 2 Speech Teachers  
Deborah LeName QJHS   11/28/2012   Phase 7 BGE - 9 Para's  
Carri Bellis Washington 12/9/2012   Phase 8 BGMS - 22 Gen. Eds  
Elaina Cowick Qcy ECHC   1/14/2013   Phase 9 BGE - 30 Gen Eds.  
Mary Kellum Berrian   2/1/2012 .   *** Holly Cox  
Thomas Regner Monroe   2/1/2013   *** Christina Drier  
Wendy Ventvertloh QHS Sr High 2/3/2013      
Elizabeth Bailey Libery CUSD 2/3/2013   8/29/2012 North Shelby Schools      
Lacey Remington Macomb Unified 2/4/2013   2/19/2013 Jenn Rich  
Dawn Vancamp Liberty   2/5/2013 xxx   3/12/2013 Heather Gander  
Tara Claus Liberty   2/6/2013 .   3/19/2013 Amber Prange  
Melissa Seals Liberty   2/7/2013   3/19/2013 Kathy Jackson  
JoDee Klauser Liberty   2/7/2013  
Whitney Hoffer Liberty   2/7/2013   Canton  
Nicole Heberlein Liberty   2/7/2013 .   11/19/2012 Melissa Feldkamp  
Amber Feldner Liberty   2/8/2013   12/4/2012 Tina Birck  
Julie Beaver Dewey   2/9/2013  
Kelly Weiman Liberty   2/10/2013   9/2/2012 Philadelphia R-1    
Pam Haverdale Berrian   2/16/2013   3rd phase 16     5
Kaleb Smith Qcy Sr High 2/8/2013      
Catherine Russell   3/21/2012 Palmyra R-1     
Laura Stutzman   Phase 3: 40 Gen Ed  
Cynthia Cramer   Phase 4: 25 High Gen Ed Melissa Billups  
Michelle Henninger    
Lori Hilgenbrinck Washington   8/27/2012 HLG Teacher Ed Program    
Pam Lanier Qcy Sr   8/27/2012 Teacher Ed  
Eric Nicholson Qcy Sr   8/27/2012 Teacher Ed  
Michelle Harris Baldwin   2/19/2013 Michelle Todd  
Kayla Crawford Baldwin  
Megan Douglas      
Lynn Scholz Berrian   Highland  
Becky Esselman Liberty   9/20/2012 Laura Schreake      
Brian Bangert QPS   Mary Stowe  
Quincy Junior High       9/25/2012 Monroe City Middle & Elementary Plan  
Phase 1:  7th grade: 4 teachers OJHS       Phase 1:  10 devices  Lang/Sped/Pre-K/Counseling
Beth Musholt OJHS       Phase 2: 10 devices   Sped Grades 1-4  
Milicent Dempsey OJHS       Phase 3:  14 devices   Sped Grades 5-8  
Lyndee Perrine OJHS       Phase 4:  12 devices   Gifted Program  
Deb Hoskin OJHS      
Phase 2:  8th grade : 6 teachers OJHS         Holy Rosary  
Brandy Neiswender OJHS      
Meggie Waterkotte OJHS       Mississippi Valley/Lillian Schaper   
Andrea Turner OJHS       2/25/2012 Kelly Janes  
Henry Bocke OJHS       2/25/2012 Janella Johnson  
Annette Johnson OJHS       2/25/2012 Dakeeta Plantz  
Phase 3:  9th grade:  4 teachers OJHS       2/25/2012 Lisa/Kris Sutter  
Cheryl Koenig OJHS       Lori Mann  
Tom Lepper OJHS       Mary Ann Hawkins  
Gayle Roskamp OJHS       3/4/2013 Phase 2:  16  
Phase 4:  Paras: 21  OJHS      
  3/1/2013 Shelbina Elementary Schools  
St. Peter School Plan   11/9/2012   Phase 1:  9 I Pads  
Linda Myers   11/9/2012   Phase 2:  20 I Pads  
Mary Lavery   11/9/2012   Phase 3:  14 I Pads  
Angela Van Dyke   11/9/2012  
Roberta Hudson   11/9/2012   Hannibal Public 22-Mar-12  
Sue Miller   11/9/2012   Phase 1 – A. Herrin at Eugene Field Elementary (10)  
Reva Doellman   11/9/2012   Phase 2 – Z. Campbell at Hannibal Middle School (8)  
Christy Jansen   11/9/2012     Phase 3 – J. Vaia at Early Childhood Center (5)  
*** Jill Ventvertloh   1/30/2013     Phase 4 – A. Hinds at Eugene Field Elementary (8)  
*** Becky McCutchen   1/30/2013     Phase 5 – A. Massie at Eugene Field Elementary (8)  
      Phase 6 – S. Patterson at Veterans Elementary (10)  
      Phase 7 – C. Haycraft at Hannibal Middle School (3)  
Blessed Sacrament School Plan   11/9/2012     Phase 8 – B. Sousa at Hannibal High School (2)  
4 for teacher aides       Phase 9 – L. Carlson at Eugene Field Elementary (10)  
      Phase 10 – E. Haugh at Veterans Elementary (11)  
Payson CUSD #1 District Plan   10/31/2012     Phase 11 – J. Monroe at Hannibal Middle School (7)  
Phase 2:   Total 17       Phase 12 – M. Greenwald at Veterans Elementary (6)  
Phase 3: Total 28       Phase 13 – T. Hermsmeier at Hannibal Middle School (5)  
Phase 4:   Total 21       Phase 14 – A.D. Stowell EIBI (6)  
Phase 5:  Total 18       Phase 15 – Oakwood EIBI (3)  
Phase 6: Total 12   Phase 16 – Mark Twain EIBI (3)  
Phase 7: Total 12   Phase 17 – Veterans EIBI (5)  
Phase 8:  Total 12  
Phase 9:   Total 42  
  Clarence Elementary School 8-Apr-13  
Camp Point Central:   Phase 1 - 8 iPads  
9 I Pads   Phase 2 - 7 iPads  
  Phase 3 - 5 iPads  
Cheerful Home:     3/13/2013  
Phase 2:  21- I Pads   Special Education Teacher - Angie Mefford  
  Special Education Paraprofessional - Maranda Ziebarth  
  Special Education Paraprofessional - Katie Pantaleo  
  Special Education Paraprofessional - Shannon Little  
  Early Childhood Special Education Teacher - Laura Crane  
  Early Childhood Special Education Paraprofessional   
  Speech Pathologist - Arla Fanning  
  Classroom Teacher  
  Classroom Teacher  
  Classroom Teacher  
  Classroom Teacher  
  Classroom Teacher  
  Classroom Teacher  
  Classroom Teacher  
  Title 1 Teacher  
  Title 1 Paraprofessional  
          2013 I Care I Pad Recipients              
Megan Watson Qcy Early     St. Peter School Plan   1      
Sharon Terwelp Blessed Sacrament  
Jaime Hamby Berrian     Blessed Sacrament School Plan   3  
Lora Frisby Qcy Social Work  
Ellen O Brock Mentor for School   Cheerful Home     1  
Michelle Kirkoff Berrian    
Andrea Turner Qcy Jr High   Payson CUSD #1 District Plan   5  
Lisa Machold Berrian    
Carissa Wedding Qcy Early     North Shelby          
Gina Miller Payson       Stacy Craigmyle        
Mary Florea Qcy Early       Kerri Greenwell        
Bernice Neisen Payson       Denise Shockley        
Dawn Helton Payson    
Payson School Payson    
Kristen Kamprath Payson       Tammy Ratliff  Clarence Elem School Plan 2  
Brittany Smith Qcy Early    
Somer Hannel Payson     Canton Darla Gaus  
Cindy Durbin Payson    
Mark Schlepphorst Chaddock   Philadelphia R-1   13  
Kelsey Surbeck Central    
Melissa Huber Liberty     Palmyra R-1    3  
Amy Quincy Monroe QPS  
LeAnn Noble Payson     HLG Teacher Ed Program    
Jennifer Keppner QPS Jr High   Jane Schafer    
Michelle Grawe Berrian     Juli Albee    
Katie Stegner Deaf Ed     Larinee Dennit    
Belynda Beswick Payson     Carol Bunch    
Melissa Pinter Qcy Jr High  
Matthew Wettmore Qcy mult     Highland      
Shanti Bowen Qcy Jr High   Barb Funkenbusch Highland  
Kate Sanders Qcy Sr High  
Kelly Curran Qcy High     Monroe City        
Megan Phillips Madison     Tracy Fuller Monroe City      
Brandee Achilles QPS Jr High   Annette Hill--special education teacher    
Payson School Payson     Tony Degrave--special education teacher    
Jennifer Arrowsmith Payson     Deannie Baumgardner--paraprofessional    
Amber Funkenbusch Baldwin     Stefanie Combs--paraprofessional    
Lisa Taylor Monroe QPS   Dan Fuller--paraprofessional      
Nik Broekmeier Payson    
Kim Nixon St. Francis   Holy Rosary  
Michelle Herman Monroe QPS   Becky Thomas  
Keri Bergman Qcy Early    
Amy Buss   Washington   Mississippi Valley/Lillian Schaper  3  
Heather Neisen Qcy Jr High  
Anna Keithley Baldwin West   Shelbina Elementary Schools   1  
LuAnn Royalty Beckman Baldwin    
Betty Niekamp Baldwin West  
Cheryl Burghart Monroe      
Dana Ludwig QHS    
Laura Kelle Baldwin    
Robyn Sprenger Adams Co OT  
Chancy Rodeghero Madison    
Martha Hogge St. Peter    
Linda Rodemich Monroe    
2012 Schools and I Care/I Pad Recipients    
Illinois Schools   
Down Country has supplied 7 to Illinois schools    
IL Area Teachers & Therapists Registered   Missouri Schools  
Jordan Stegeman   Down Country has supplied 43 to MO schools  
Stephanie Baze   MO Area Teachers & Therapist    
Jenny Mahoney   Bowling Green Schools    
Sara Stark   Kylie Mullen  
Janice Webster  
Ellen Gough   North Shelby Schools  
Erin Armbrustead   Christy Yost    
Janelle Wathen   Mary Kay Rich  
Angie McGinnis   Johanna Pantaleo  
Bethe Hayes   Gloria Siebert  
Krista Tenhouse  
Beth Graves   Canton  
Nicole Lyons   Heather Glasgow    
Tera Blickhan  
Karen Wiman   Hannibal Schools  
Karrie Bradshaw   Supplied 12    
Robin King   Zion Lutheran  
Susan Willis   Luella Powell  
Michelle Harris   Mississippi Valley   
Linsey Niekamp   Deanna Harris  
Teresa Douglas  
Kristen Hillebrenner   Philadelphia R-1  
Rachel McDaniel   Becky Sharpe  
Jenny Moran   Richelle Behring  
Julie Allen  
Renee Henninger  
Nicole Schaffnit  
Laurie Miles  
Jennifer Seckman  
Dianne Bradley  
Camp Point Central  9 I Pads  
Heather Williams  
Sandra Polek  
Jean Holt    
Theresa Miller  
Shelley Reichert  
Brad Funkenbusch  
Sherri Wolfmeyer  
Lindsay Struck  
Jenny Gronewold  
Trudy Dreir