About the Initial NDSC Conference


NDSC annual convention 

Here is some advice for first timers based on our experience...If you can plan to arrive on Thursday...There is so much information it is nice to have Thursday evening to look over the workshops and materials....Also, this next yea you might even want to consider arriving on Wednesday evening as on Thursday they are planning a day on the hill...

This link will lead you to anything you want to know about the conference http://convention.ndsccenter.org/

This link involves everything concerning the pre-conferences http://convention.ndsccenter.org/pre-conference-sessions

This link is applicable for self-advocates 15 and older

This link is for brothers and sisters of self advocates 12 and older
This link concerns childcare for kids 12 and under (we had friends last year whose kids did NOT want to leave the camp, they loved it soooo much!!!

This concerns the evening activities...dancing is fun for all and the banquestis a lovely experience...we would encourage anyone who can to attend

This is all your hotel information...would encourage you to make your reservations quickly as rooms fill up fast!!!